Tired of Running Out of Breath When You Sing?

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Stop Running Out of Breath When You Sing



"I thought I knew how to sing, but I have learned so much from Nadia about proper breathing, vocal technique and musical interpretation. Nadia's expertise has helped me become a better singer, whatever type of music I am working on, from contemporary to classical. She has an amazing repertoire of tips to help you fine tune your technique".

- Barbara M. -

Nadia Smelser Singing Lessons

Hello there!

I'm Nadia Smelser and I KNOW EXACTLY HOW IT FEELS TO always be worrying about my breath when I sing...

I’m a professional singer, voice teacher and blogger. I’ve had quite a journey through my singing life— one with all the emotional highs and lows that come with a career in music, as well as the vocal technique issues that often affect singers-- including running out of breath! I’ve learned to solve those problems not only for myself, but for the thousands of students I have trained over the last 30 years.
My singing students always tell me that I have a uniquely clear and helpful way of teaching that gets them faster, better results. I think you'll find the tips in this guide will help you in just the same way!