In voice lessons, students learn optimal Vocal Technique through a series of personally-tailored body, breath and vocal exercises. This allows the student to develop a natural, free voice which will be applicable to any style of singing and will promote healthy speech and singing habits throughout life. Students then learn how to integrate their technique into the songs they want to sing. Through Song Coaching, as well as extensive work in Diction, the student develops the ability to bring his artistic vision to life with the right balance of technical control, authentic style, and musicality. Students also work on their stage presence and song delivery through Acting for Singers. This includes analysis of song lyrics and specific techniques for bringing the emotion the singer feels for the song out to the audience through his facial expressions, body movement and vocal expression.  Also, students may have access to a local Recording Studio if they wish to make a demo or other recording of their singing.  Last, but certainly not least, many singers need skill development in Musicianship. This may include music reading, sightsinging, ear-training and basic music theory. Any or all of these elements can be addressed as desired by the student.

What Activities Are Included In Lessons?

Lesson content is tailored to address the specific interests/needs of each individual student. Please contact Nadia in advance of your first lesson to assess your goals and discuss the best study plan for you.

Following is a sample outline of what can be accomplished in each lesson:

30 Minute Voice Lesson – $48

(15 minutes vocal technique warm-up/15 minutes song)

  • Vocal relaxation exercises
  • Breathing and support work
  • Basic vocal exercises to release jaw/throat tension, improve tone quality, smooth out registration, and maximize access to natural vocal range
  • Integrating these skills into singing a song

45 Minute Voice Lesson – $70

(25 minutes vocal technique warm-up/20 minutes song)

All activities from the 30-minute lesson, plus:

  • Whole-body relaxation exercises that facilitate singing
  • More intensive breathing and support work
  • Greater expansion of vocal exercises, including release of tongue tension, strengthening of the soft palate, vowel equalization, legato articulation, increasing vocal flexibility
  • More detailed song preparation, including phrasing, diction, and artistic expression

1 Hour Voice Lesson – $90

(30 minutes vocal technique warm-up/30 minutes song)

All activities from the 45-minute lesson, plus:

  • Expanded physical and vocal relaxation exercises
  • Advanced exercises for breathing and support
  • A full-spectrum vocal exercise workout, spanning all major elements of vocal technique
  • Advanced techniques in song work, as well as acting and performance coaching

Other options in all lessons include: Microphone Technique, Recording Technique , Vocal Heath information, Music Reading and Theory, Sight-Singing, Educational/Career Counseling, and more!